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Women Seeking Christ

Marketing Efforts for Women Seeking Christ

Women Seeking Christ needed help connecting with Christian women. With a goal of increased website visits, email subscribers and social media followers, we began a multi-faceted marketing plan to reach their target audience. The first step was an SEO audit of their static website pages. Next, we began a campaign of keyword ads, Facebook ads,  and Pinterest ads all in sync with additional organic promotion through their social media channels. The results?

Increased Facebook Likes

The Facebook audience for Women Seeking Christ more than tripled in one month! Since beginning working with Women Seeking Christ, the FB audience has increased from around 100 likes to well over 1,000.

Increased Organic Traffic

Following our SEO audit, we saw a 7% increase in organic traffic to the website and saw a 6% decrease in bounce rate all in the same time period.

Increased Email Subscribers

By adding a website prompt to encourage email subscriptions and offering a free download gift with subscribers, we saw subscriber count more than double without spending a cent on ads.


Increased Exposure

Sometimes the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts. By enacting a multi-faceted marketing plan across several channels, more women than ever are hearing the message of Women Seeking Christ.

Need Help with Marketing?

Connecting organizations with their target markets is our specialty. We work with a variety of platforms and budget levels and can customize a perfect plan for you.